• William Knight

Would you donate your body to science

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Are you curious about what will happen to your body as you die? I am.

I want to know how the mind shuts down, how the body begins to drift out of life, and how sight and our senses diminish as the cells begin to die.

So in The Donated, I explored how we might exist if we were kept artificially in that fleeting moment between life and death, when, perhaps, we are aware that we are still alive but the process of death and decay moves on, pauses, and maybe reverses for a as some of our cells regenerate.

You may have heard how genetic modification is creating franken-creatures and diabolical foodstuff, but Genetic modification also allows us to tinker with the very source code of life.

From such work the possibilities are truly astounding. A life free of disease, growing up but not growing older, living to experience the full potential of human endeavours.

But the consequences could also be terrifying.

The Donated is about one such experiment.

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