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New name and new cover for Generation

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Sometimes, after working long and hard to make book sales, you finally realise that you’ve got the cover wrong, and the name too!the-donated-_final

Generation has been re-launched as The Donated with a new cover.

Generation was a favourite name for me after dozens of brainstorming sessions, seeking feedback and thinking of how it might come across. But without the benefit of years in the publishing industry, it only slowly became clear that potential readers were confused about the genre and what might be in the book.

A re-brand was necessary to put the book firmly in the Thriller genre and a new cover to let people know they were buying a thriller yarn — all be it with and injection of horror 😉

In addition, a new Hendrix Harrison novel is planned to be released next year, and I wanted a themed cover style and title that more accurately reflected the two books together.

So, here it is. I hope you like it.

Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour

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Today I’m participating in the The Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour, hosted by the Awesome Indies. From the 27th to the 30th September you’ll have the chance to pick up some special offers or win awesome prizes at participating blogs.

This tour highlights the magical and mysterious qualities of a selection of books listed on the Awesome Indies. Each blog hosts a scene of a mystery story, and the links for you to read the full story and find the key you need to enter the Giveaway for an Amazon gift card. (First prize is a $25 card, second prize is $15 and third prizes is a $10 card.)

All you have to do is start at the Awesome Indies, follow the links from blog to blog, read the story and pick up the clue to the mystery key to enter the draw when you get back to the Awesome Indies. While you’re at each blog, read about the authors book and enter their giveaway or pick up their special offer.

If you haven’t started the tour, pop over to the Awesome Indies and start now.

If you’re on the Magical Mystery Tour already, then read on …

What is MySteRIouS about my book GeNeRation?

Generation CoverFor a start, it’s got one of those flawed heros. Journalist Hendrix Harrison is afraid of his own mobile phone but can’t admit it. Secondly, he hooks ups with a beautiful entomologist who is trying to work out why her research into the insect life on dead bodies is going so badly. But thirdly Hendrix has to discover the link between the insects, sightings of decayed old people wandering around the countryside and a chemical giant known as Mendel Pharmaceuticals. As he gets closer to solving the mystery, he must face escalating terrors and his own fear of technology to discover the macabre fate of the lost souls donated to scientific research.

Here’s the special prize

Apart from the offer price for Generation being only 99c, for the best comment on this blog over the duration of this Magical Mystery Tour, I will give one e-copy of Wayne Teresly’s almost-best-selling science poetry Galactic Surf. It’s really worth commenting!

Ghost Town — The one where Kevin reveals his demons…

“I ain’t been doing nothing strange nor dark. No Sir, Drill Serg’n’ Major, Sir.” Kevin mumbled while sliding his boots across the rocky ground and making his way up the old track behind the gas station. “I ain’t been doing those things, Drill Serg’n’ Major.”

Kevin was well aware how his constant mumbling and talking to the walls appeared to the outside world, yet he didn’t care. The names, the looks, the gestures and the avoidance were part of a diversion that other people used to keep themselves sane. If they really understood what was going on, they’d turn immediately and irrevocably bonkers. At least he wasn’t insane,; not yet anyway.

He didn’t care neither that he smelled of a mouldy mattress, or that the only jobs he’d ever kept for more than a month were while fracking Charlie in Vietnam and his recent part-time diversion at the mini-mart. Walter had given him that job and Kevin didn’t know if he should thank Walter or strangle the life out of him with a length of cheese wire. Reluctantly, and on most days, he remained thankful.

Until today and the direct accusation of evil doing.

Kevin kept his head bowed low and his back arched downwards rather like a ferret standing on its hind legs, as he trudged towards the cabins and through the sagebrush that had overgrown a once neat front yard. He mumbled to the door of number one.

[Click heres for the next part of the story and another special offer or give away. And click here, to enter the Magical Mystery Tour Giveaway. Use the name of the missing card as the password to enter the draw.]

Awesome Indies Opening Party

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You’re invited to the Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party—a sale of 26 top reads at just 99 cents each, plus 5 days of fun. See the new website, meet the authors, join them for games, giveaways and giggles and be in the draw to win the latest generation Kindle.

The Awesome Indies have found a way to take the risk out of buying indie. If it’s Awesome Indies Approved (AIA), a qualified publishing industry professional has determined that it’s as good as anything produced by the mainstream. Readers need no longer wonder if that book is really worth downloading. If a book is listed on the Awesome Indies, then it’s worth your time.

Click on  this link to visit the Awesome Indies to browse the huge 99c sale and learn what you have to do to be in the draw for a Kindle Paperwhite.

“A stain that won’t wash”

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Could I view my own decay?

What price eternal life? A dead prison harbouring a living mind.
This is the premise of Generation, a completely original take on the living dead.
I’m a great fan of horror and for me the best, like this, offer a stage to play out more troubling implications.

With a world of zombie novels clamouring for attention William Knight has provided a view, through flyblown eyes, of what life as the dead could be like.

Poetic and poignant, I found myself asking, would I go there? Is my drive for life so strong I could view my own decay?

Generation is a multi-levelled horror that does not shirk from the gorier details whilst building on a truly horrific theme.

Well researched, William Knight provides a putrid taste of things to come.
Following the strong central character, Hendrix, the horrible possibilities of genetic engineering are revealed.

The story escalates rapidly into a conspiracy cocktail turned real. The efforts of the powerful to hide their actions pushing Hendrix into revealing deeper secrets.

On one level it shows the collapse of morality when tempted by limitless profit. On another it shows the extremes people will go to when pursued and defamed.  Then there are the motivations of those offered an apparent escape from death.

Trapped between them are the stars of the show, the dead. Beautifully written, these tragic characters elicit real sympathy as they exude Struldbrugian sadness.

Each of the dead is trapped in a recurring nightmare from which the only escape is torment and fire, consigned to hell.

These are my favourite parts of Generation, where indeed the real mind games begin and the implications start to work on the subconscious.

It is rare for me to experience physical and spiritual horror within the pages of a novel. Generation leaves a lasting impression, a stain that won’t wash out.

“Le Carre and Grisham”

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I’ve now read this, at a sitting. Brilliant: the science is convincing enough in detail, as is other technical stuff; the premise is almost believable, good enough anyway for us to be happy to suspend disbelief; the plotting is complicated and full of twists and suspense; the ending is satisfying (baddies get their deserts etc.); and we are left with …?
To say he has read Le Carre and Grisham is not an insult.
Thoroughly recommended.