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Barker, Herbert; even early King – Mark Cordory

Having read the book and knowing this was the authors’ first novel, I have to say that this reads like the work of a novelist who’s had a number of books under his belt rather than it being his first.

A lot of first time authors feel awkward and unconvincing, just learning their craft – but at times this book felt on par with authors such as Barker, Herbert and possibly even early King – this is an author worth watching I suspect.

Superficially this is a zombie book, but it’s approached from an imaginative angle which places it more into the medical horror/detective genre. You’ll probably never have read a book that approaches the ‘walking dead’ concept in such a unique (and at times quite heartbreaking) manner as this.

The science and characterisation are compelling, the storytelling confident – I didn’t feel the jolt of poor writing once. It would make a great film.

I look forward to the next one – so support this new author in this digital world and download a copy, I’ll be interested to see what he comes up with next…

Reads like a fast paced thriller

I’m not a horror fan at all, but I didn’t want to put Generation down. William Knight has produced a great story, with well developed, interesting and believable characters and an absorbing plot.

The truly horrific bits are definitely chilling, and I suspect they will stay on my mind for years, but they don’t dominate the story.

Most of the story reads more like a fast paced thriller. If you enjoy Tom Clancy, David Baldacci or Richard North Patterson you may well enjoy William Knight!