New name and new cover for Generation

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Sometimes, after working long and hard to make book sales, you finally realise that you’ve got the cover wrong, and the name too!the-donated-_final

Generation has been re-launched as The Donated with a new cover.

Generation was a favourite name for me after dozens of brainstorming sessions, seeking feedback and thinking of how it might come across. But without the benefit of years in the publishing industry, it only slowly became clear that potential readers were confused about the genre and what might be in the book.

A re-brand was necessary to put the book firmly in the Thriller genre and a new cover to let people know they were buying a thriller yarn — all be it with and injection of horror 😉

In addition, a new Hendrix Harrison novel is planned to be released next year, and I wanted a themed cover style and title that more accurately reflected the two books together.

So, here it is. I hope you like it.



2 thoughts on “New name and new cover for Generation

  1. I have loved reading Generation which you have renamed as The Donated. I have been reading until 1:30 in the morning in fact and am right near the end now – the last 10% – and holding my breath!

    Will you notify me when the new Hendrix Harrison or any of your books are available, please? Thanks so much!

    • Thank you so much Deborah for leaving a comment. I’m glad you liked the book. Was it the science or the mystery you liked (or both of course)

      there will be a sequel — with Hendrix — in 2017 and it will of course be announced on the blog so please check back once in a while and follow me on twitter or facebook

      In the meantime, if you would consider leaving a review on Amazon it would be much appreciated. I doesn’t have to be much, just an “I enjoyed this book” if you like. Reviews are so important these days, and you’d be doing me a great favour. With many thanks… William

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