GeNeRation Deleted Scenes

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I’m putting together a collection of deleted scenes from Generation. This is for both die-hard fans of Hendrix Harrison and to illuminate the writing/editing process.

As an author, it’s instructive to read about the experiences of others and particularly instructive to realise that, no matter at which stage of the novel production process you find yourself, you are not alone. Generation went through a long development stage, and more drafts than I care to think about. Over its eight year gestation, I think the book was entirely replaced — regenerated if you like — at least three times.

The collection comprises of a range of scenes that were cut from early drafts, and also a few that so nearly made it. Each scene is preceded by my own comments on why it was cut and any other observations that seem relevant.

I’ll be putting a new one up from time to time, so check back. I hope you enjoy them.

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