Generation — Crime with an injection of horror

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gen cov 2 with aia THUMBA body goes missing from a forensic research enclosure operated by Newcastle University, and the sick pranksters use it to scare elderly residents of a rural Northumberland town. At least that’s what the police think. But when a partially decayed corpse washes up on the river bank, journalist Hendrix ‘Aitch’ Harrison links the investigation to an international drug company that specialises in Genetic Modification.

It’s not the normal thing for Aitch, psychologically discharged from the services and unable to get on with the technological innovation beloved of the rest of the hacks, he’s more used to big-beast stories and lunar-landing conspiracies. Yet the company’s vindictive actions get him blacklisted by all the national publications and sacked from his job.

Teaming up with the delicious and intelligent forensic entomologist at the university, and fighting the company’s escalating measures to keep its activities hidden, Hendrix peels back layers of lies and violence to reveal the grisly fate of the drugged bodies donated to scientific research.